A Novel Approach to Determine Dosage in Treatment of AIDS Based on Direct Self Tuning Regulator (STR) Theory and Linearization Around Equilibrium Condition


School of Electrical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran


in this study, a new approach for control (treatment) of AIDS based on patient entry drug. One of the main problems related to AIDS, is lack of control, lack of identification and early treatment of this disease. Today physicians more than anything, control the disease relying on their experience and knowledge and time-consuming and complex experiments, nevertheless, human errors are inevitable. Now this study investigated dynamic and mathematical model of AIDS. Then 2 inputs (RTI1 and PI2) simplified based on a 1 input. Then, using the linearization on operating point or equilibrium, dynamic linearized by 1 input. Finally, by applying control signal to the disease by using direct adaptive control (STR 3), the disease can be controlled adaptively as the patient's condition is not worse and controlled. The proposed system by combining these methods is able to reach small amounts and a substantial sum of squared errors SSE4, mean absolute error and mean square error MAE5 MSE6. Relying on the dynamic characteristics, in terms of composition and interaction to high matching accuracy. The present methods, despite on high precision, are time-consuming and expensive. By comparing this method and those methods, we will discover accuracy and efficiency of these methods.