A MAPE-K Loop Based Model for Virtual Machine Consolidation in Cloud Data Centers


1 Islamic Azad University, Qazvin Branch, Qazvin, Iran

2 Shahid Beheshti University


Today, with the rise of cloud data centers, power consumption has increased and cloud infrastructure management has become more complex. On the other hand, meeting the needs of cloud users is an important goal in the cloud infrastructure. To solve such problems, an autonomous model with predictive capability is needed to do virtual machine consolidation at runtime effectively. In fact, using the feedback system of autonomous systems can make this process simpler and more optimized. The goal of this research is to propose a cloud resource management model that makes the virtual machine consolidation process autonomous, and by using a prediction method compromises between service level agreement violations and energy consumption reduction. In this research, an autonomous model is presented which detects overloaded servers in the analysis phase by a prediction algorithm. Also, at the planning phase, a multi heuristic algorithm based on learning automata is proposed to find proper servers for virtual machine placement. Cloudsim version 3.0.3 was used to evaluate the proposed model. The results show that the proposed model has reduced averagely the service level agreement violations, energy and migration counts by 67.08%, 11.61% and 70.64% respectively, compared to other methods.