Text Summarization Using Cuckoo Search Optimization Algorithm


Department of Computer Engineering, Qazvin Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran


Today, with rapid growth of the World Wide Web and creation of Internet sites and online text resources, text summarization issue is highly attended by various researchers. Extractive-based text summarization is an important summarization method which is included of selecting the top representative sentences from the input document. When, we are facing into large data volume documents, the extractive-based text summarization seems to be an unsolvable problem. Therefore, to deal with such problems, meta-heuristic techniques are applied as a solution. In this paper, we used Cuckoo Search Optimization Algorithm (CSOA) to improve performance of extractive-based summarization method. The proposed approach is examined on Doc. 2002 standard documents and analyzed by Rouge evaluation software. The obtained results indicate better performance of proposed method compared with other similar techniques.